WebcamTX (SSTV)

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WebCamTX (SSTV) is a stand-alone Windows program for transmitting SSTV images via a sound card. It does not have receive capability. It does not require MMSSTV or any other program to be installed, although most users will want to use it in conjunction with MMSSTV for receiving SSTV.

WebCamTX (SSTV) runs only on a Windows PC/laptop/tablet running Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10. The device must have Microsoft .NET 4 or later installed - most will already have this.


WebcamTX (SSTV) is experimental software and is not bug-free. If errors occur you will most likely have to restart the program. It's hard to see how it could harm your computer, but this is not guaranteed.


Sound Output (TX) Device
Select your required sound device from the list. The current Windows default sound device will be used if you do not make a selection. Note that long device names will be truncated but it should still be possible to tell which device you need. If you add or remove a sound device whilst the program is running, click on the "refresh" button to get an updated list of available sound out devices.

Clock Frequency Hz
If you have used your selected sound device with MMSSTV and have carried out the "slant correction" procedure, enter the clock frequency as shown in the MMSSTV options (shown in the "Misc" tab). The default is 11025Hz but you may transmit a slanted picture if you have not calibrated your sound device in MMSSTV.

Enter the COM (serial) port number that your SSTV interface uses for PTT control. Select NONE if using VOX.

This is used for the optional CW ID at the end of the transmission and for the callsign caption that can be added to the transmitted image.

Available Image Capture Devices
Select your required webcam from this list.

Main window

Cam On/Off
This switches the webcam on or off. A live moving image will be displayed when the camera is on and ready.

Grab Image
Click this button to freeze ("grab") the webcam image, ready for transmission.

Test Patterns and Load Image
The image area can be filled with a greyscale or colour bars for test purposes. The Load Image from File button allows any image file to be loaded and transmitted.

TX Options
These checkboxes determine a number of optional features: date/time stamp, "Live webcam!" stamp, simple callsign caption, CW ID and FSK ID.

Beacon ON/OFF and Interval
Turn beacon mode on or off and set the beacon interval in seconds. When beacon mode is selected, the START TX button is disabled to prevent conflicts. If you need to stop (beacon) TX once it's started, uncheck Beacon ON and then click the STOP TX button.

Transmit one frame of SSTV in the currently selected mode.

Click on the button corresponding to the required SSTV mode.

Notes on beacon mode
When running in beacon you do NOT need to use the Cam On/Off, Grab Image or START TX buttons. The first frame is sent a few seconds after checking the Beacon ON checkbox and then at intervals set by the numeric up/down control. The webcam is turned on for approximately 5 seconds, an image is grabbed and then the camera is turned off. SSTV TX starts soon after.


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